If you do not have a stationary greenhouse in your summer cottage, but it’s still too early to grow heat-loving crops on open ground, there is only one way out – to build a greenhouse. This has its pros and cons. The positive point is that you can move the greenhouse anywhere on any part of the summer cottage. At the same time, there is no need for a periodic change of soil due to its depletion, as it is necessary to do in a stationary greenhouse.

It’s quite easy to build a greenhouse – fastening the film to the arches of the greenhouse. Usually use a simple plastic film. But under the influence of ultraviolet rays, polyethylene is destroyed, cracks and tears appear on it. Its fragility forces summer residents to change such covering material annually, and this leads to additional costs.

But the film reinforced for greenhouses, which has replaced conventional polyethylene materials, can correct this situation. It is more durable due to its layering. It consists of two outer polyethylene layers, between which a polymer mesh is laminated. When attaching the film to the greenhouse, the mesh has tensile strength and prevents tearing and crack propagation over the entire surface.

Properties of Plastic Films for Greenhouses

Any plastic film over time has the properties of cracking due to atmospheric and mechanical influences. Therefore, her service life is short. Due to the fact that the reinforced one has two layers, if one is damaged, the second layer can remain unharmed. Cracks practically do not happen through, and the grid restrains their further increase. Therefore, it can serve in the open air for more than 3 years. At the same time, you can not clean it at all for the winter, leaving it right in the greenhouse.

This material is resistant to any negative natural phenomena, it withstands strong gusts of wind, heavy rains, snow and hail. In addition, thanks to special light-stabilizing additives, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The film is able to withstand temperature extremes from -40 to + 90 ° C.

It is produced with micro-perforation – microscopic holes, due to which it is able to “breathe”, which will also favorably affect the future crop grown in the greenhouse.

Well, in order to create a shadow in the summer cottage, to cover the crop in the greenhouse from the incinerating rays of the sun on a sultry summer day, you can buy a facade mesh, the most common, which is used in construction. It will serve as excellent protection for your crop, not allowing it to burn in the hot sun.