You bought rose seedlings for your garden, but have not yet found a place to plant them? You can independently arrange a flower bed using natural materials. For these purposes, natural stone is often used – river pebbles, sandstone, pellets, granite, marble. Having chosen the material, you should learn how to make a flower garden out of stones so that it remains attractive for a long time.

The simplest and most affordable method of decorating a flower bed used by amateur gardeners is laying stones around the entire perimeter of the flower garden.

To do this, decompose the stones, and then press them well into the ground. It is advisable to choose large stones, they will prevent leaching of soil from the flower garden and ennoble the garden.

The second waylaying stones around the flower bed on several levels. It is considered a more reliable and solid way to design a flower garden. The height of the structure depends only on the wishes of the gardener. For easier laying of the material, it is desirable to choose a flat stone, for example, slate.

When choosing the second way to design flower beds with natural stone, you should adhere to the following sequence of work on arranging a garden plot:

  1. Drive the pegs into the ground, marking the borders of the future flower garden.
  2. Around the peg, draw a circle or other shape that the stone flower bed will have. Lines on the ground are conveniently labeled with flour.
  3. According to the drawn line, it is necessary to make a small ditch, approximately 20 cm deep and 30 cm wide.
  4. Large cobblestones should be placed in this moat; this will be the first level of the stone flower garden. For high reliability, you need to try to stack stones to each other as tightly as possible, you can push them a little into the ground.
  5. The next row of stones must be laid with mandatory docking. The second level consists of slate, it must be laid especially carefully since the solution cannot be used on the first five rows. This is necessary to ensure the outflow of water from the flowerbed.
  6. As soon as 5 rows of stones are laid, pull the thread over the pegs, marking the top of the flower garden. On a building thread, you need to hang a level to mark the height of the stone wall. Make the desired mark on the pegs and remove the thread.
  7. Now you need to prepare the solution, grease the inside of the stone with it and perform masonry to the mark made.

It is important that the top row is perfectly flat, for this you need to use neat cobbles of about the same size.