Pest Type: Soft Pests

Row: Coleoptera – Coleoptera

Family: Goldilocks – Buprestidae

It is found everywhere. Damages a pine, less often spruce.

Beetle 8-12 mm long, dark blue with a metallic tint, oval body, narrowed to the end, flattened from above; antennae with 11 segments, serrate. The larva is 23–25 mm long, yellow-white, legless, the body is flattened, the anterior chest is enlarged, the chairman is brown, small, drawn into the prothorax.

Larvae hibernate in the thickness of the bark or wood. Pupation in the second half of May. The development of the pupa takes 10-15 days. Once again, the beetles gnaw through the flight hole and go outside. Their years continue until the end of July. Beetles additionally eat. Females lay eggs one at a time in cracks and crevices of the cortex and fill them with liquid; it easily freezes in air. Egg-laying begins at a height of 1-1.5 cm and captures the entire middle part of the trunk. Embryonic development lasts 3-5 days. Revived larvae gnaw under the bark long, winding passages ring around the tree. The strokes are filled with drill flour. At the end of summer, the larvae gnaw in the thickness of the bark or in the wood of the nest and remain in them until the spring of next year.

One generation develops per year. Goldilocks populate weakened trees. Healthy trees can also populate, but in this case, the resin must fill in the moves made by the pest, causing the death of the larvae.

The number of goldfish is reduced by carnivorous bugs, carnivorous beetles, insectivorous birds, especially woodpeckers. More often, larvae infect braconids. In wet years, the death of larvae and pupae from fungal and viral diseases is observed.

Protective measures. Creation of optimally closed stands. The attraction of insectivorous birds, especially woodpeckers, into plantations and protection. Protection against sucking pests, weaken the trees that are actively inhabited by goldfish. Removing trees is largely populated by goldfish and wither. In the period of the flight of beetles – treatment with insecticides.